Purell and the Great Dane Pub

Ahhhh....the Purell.

You know...with all of the H1N1 virus hysteria, life just keeps getting funnier. I noticed at work that they bought a LITER of Purell and put it in the office at the front desk. At a recent seminar, they served coffee, cookies and Purell. After the great talk, I just couldn't help myself to a little spritz of Purell as I walked back to lab. Then at dinner on friday night at the Great Dane Pub, we noticed a new addition to the table decorations.  Hmm....I am guessing that the reason that the number of H1N1 cases went down this week in Madison was the promiscuous sighting of Purell.  I wish I would have invested in Purell a while ago!  The food and beer was good!  Order the Beer, Brat & Bacon Burger on a pretzel roll! It is simply Wisconsin on a bun. Mmm. Mmm. Good.