i Frateli Pizza-Dallas, TX

"Never trust a round pizza" So I was in the mood for pizza while I was in Dallas. I looked high and low online for a few good places to order from.  I stumbled upon a place called i Fratelli that looked pretty authentic.  Their motto is, "Never trust a round pizza".  This was unique and I thought I would order from them as their crust looked good to me. I am a big time crust snob.  I ordered their "Big Brother" pizza that is their version of a supreme. Their service was fast and fresh out of the oven. The delivery guy was super friendly too!  The pizza was oblong and reminded me of St. Louis style crispy crust that my husband loves, without the Provel. It was crispy and crunchy like a cracker.  The toppings were fresh and the sauce was good. However, this is not the New York style pizza I was looking for.  Oh well, I'm in Texas.  I highly recommend the place if you are from St. Louis.